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Access to Finance


The financing needs of decentralized clean energy enterprises can broadly be split into two categories:

  • Enterprise financing
  • End user financing

This is a relatively new sector in need of significant early stage enterprise financing through soft loans, grants or awards from foundations and other impact investors. More mature enterprises seeking to grow need traditional debt financing to help organizations meet their working capital requirement. Equity financing remains crucial but there is need for long term patient capital.

End user financing has made strides with organizations adopting innovative business models that reduce the burden of payment on consumers by offering prepaid energy services linked to mobile payments, smart meters etc. However, there is need to mitigate risk perception of traditional lenders like banks and MFIs toward this consumer segment and create a separate portfolio for energy lending and community asset creation.


Financing barriers encountered by off-grid enterprises stems from:

  • Small project and ticket size of transaction
  • Limited track record of the enterprises
  • Limited understanding of off-grid projects among financiers and investors
  • Uncertain policy related changes to the financial ecosystem (e.g. subsidy disbursal regime).


  • CLEAN addresses financing challenges for both end users and enterprises in the sector.
  • We enable interactions between investors and practitioners to address information asymmetry.
  • We engage with policymakers and apex development finance institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, Small Industries Development Bank of India, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Sa-Dhan, Access Assist etc. on financial issues and instruments related to the sector.



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