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About CLEAN:

Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) is a member-oriented association of organisations engaged in the Decentralized Energy sector in India. CLEAN seeks to be a unifying association with a clear mandate to support and grow the decentralized clean energy sector in India. Over time it is envisaged that CLEAN will not only become the go-to entity for decentralized clean energy sector in India but will also become a go-to point for members of the sector internationally. CLEAN has been established to help entrepreneurs and organisations overcome sector specific challenges and create a platform to project the needs and priorities of the sector by bringing together practitioners and all stakeholders in the energy ecosystem.

The need for CLEAN arises from the fact that, while there are a number of enterprises that are involved in addressing the energy access gaps in India, the replicability and scalability of solutions is often a barrier to their growth in addition to the absence of an enabling environment or a supportive ecosystem.

CLEAN is technology and scale agnostic (e.g. biomass, solar, pico hydro and ranging from pico solutions, through to larger decentralized energy solutions) and represents organisations both in electricity and non- electricity energy. It delivers five core sets of services: Policy Engagement, Access to Finance, Skills and Training, Technology and Innovation, and Information & Networking Opportunities.

The Network brings together practitioners, with membership from other supporters of the decentralized energy ecosystem such as research organizations, financial institutions, relevant private sector companies, think tanks and funders. It emphasizes on the decentralized, clean energy access space that reaches out to underserved communities across India. Recognizing that the reach of decentralized renewable applications goes beyond just electricity generation, the Alliance also develops activities on, mechanical and thermal applications focusing on end-uses including cooking, lighting, and other domestic needs as well as water pumping and energy needs of small-scale industry and other livelihoods activities.

CLEAN is now looking for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead its ongoing growth and development into a value-adding member-driven organization that plays an active role in building an ecosystem for decentralized energy access sector participants.

Job Profile#1: Chief Executive Officer

Location: New Delhi, India
Position to be filled by: End of Jan’19
Reports to: Governing Board of CLEAN

Overview of Responsibilities:

Stakeholder Representation and Advocacy

  • Represent CLEAN and its members to a wide range of stakeholders including with government, policymakers, regulators, financiers, media and others.
  • Promote CLEAN in various national and international fora and to the donor community, establishing it as the go-to spokesperson and brand of the Indian DRE sector.
  • Facilitate synergies and collaboration with various national and international stakeholders

Membership Development

  • Undertake regular outreach amongst CLEAN members to understand their interests and concerns with the objective of building and retaining membership
  • Provide oversight and direction to member-driven working groups on issues of immediate and medium-term interest to the sector
  • Create sector-specific value-add product offerings like seminars, training programs, funders’ meet, etc. to engage members and provide them relevant services

Strategic planning and Fund raising

  • Develop long term organisational strategy and accompanying financial strategy;
  • Build and develop relationships with existing and new donors, funders, sponsors and other type of capital providers;
  • Maintain a pipeline of funding opportunities and drive their conversion;
  • Ensure that operating plans and projects of CLEAN are funded as required

Institutional leadership and development

  • Build, retain and develop a high-quality team in CLEAN
  • Mentor/ lead the Secretariat and oversee the work of Program Managers and other staff, ensuring execution of organisational plans, timely and accurate reporting
  • Oversee the work of the COO in managing the Network’s affairs, operational matters, and necessary compliances
  • Responsible to the Governing board of CLEAN for implementation of the planned activities, their intended outputs and outcomes, based on budgets approved

Core Competencies and requirements:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset- willingness to own the young CLEAN platform and build it into a mature well-functioning organisation
  • Track record of investor mobilisation, securing financing, sponsorships etc. Experience of working with the international and domestic donor community, development finance institutions, prior experience in Business development.
  • Evidence of anchoring networks, forming, maintaining and developing partnerships in the development sector, engaging with multiple stakeholders including the government,
  • Strong gravitas and leadership skills; Highly motivated, responsible, self-directed
  • First-hand experience or appreciation of technical, financial and policy issues facing the DRE sector. Understanding of the stakes, challenges and opportunities in the climate, energy and development sectors. Further, the applicant is expected to have contacts of and have networked with development agencies, private foundations, impact investors and other development organisations.
  • Comfortable working in a small structure – in a start-up type environment where tasks and responsibilities may be dynamic.
  • Knowledge of spoken Hindi and other regional languages in addition to strong working knowledge of English.
  • Willing to commit at least 3 years to CLEAN.

Remuneration and Rewards:

The role offers the right candidate significant professional and financial growth potential. As the CEO of the pre-eminent organisation representing the DRE sector in India, the individual will have an opportunity to be the spokesperson, thought leader and visionary for the industry.

In addition to cash compensation, the candidate will be entitled to a significant success-linked earning potential that put together offers an above-market earnings potential

If interested, please mail: or with details of your experience and credentials.

For additional information about CLEAN and some of the ongoing work of CLEAN, please visit visit



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