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Machinepulse is a provider of rapidly scalable, end-to-end solutions addressing the requirements of industrial and M2M communication with real time big data analytics and decision science on a cloud platform. Their philosophy is “Any Device, Any Network, Any Protocol”.

Can you tell us a little about MachinePulse?

MachinePulse is a provider of rapidly scalable, end-to-end solutions to enable smarter industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We offer the entire product portfolio, from hardware to middleware to our cloud platform, to help you extract value from your IoT initiatives. Currently we offer Monitoring and Analytics solutions for solar photo voltaic and wind energy industries:

  1. SolarPulse - India’s leading solution for monitoring and analytics of Solar PV plants 

  2. WindPulse – Advanced analytics solution for wind farms

MachinePulse is a part of the $16 B Mahindra Group and has an enthusiastic team of more than 75 data scientists, programmers, hardware and network specialists.

What is the business model you follow? Can you tell us about your work in the field of decentralised renewable energy?

  1. Our basic business model is providing data acquisition hardware for end devices on solar and wind farms supported with software as a service model for monitoring and analytics.

  2. Our work in decentralised renewable energy is mostly restricted to monitoring and analytics of distributed generation sources. We also offer innovative hardware solutions which can be used in DG PV hybrid scenarios and for inverter control. 

  3. Further, we are also working a microgrid solution which would offer both control as well as monitoring for small scale installations.

What have been the challenges and success in this?

Major challenges faced include data connectivity issues in remote locations, hardware damage due to weather conditions and poor data quality from site equipment. We continue to tackle the issues of poor connectivity using technology to ensure that there is minimal data loss due to this.

As we see it, our primary success in this domain has been that we have been able to bring together sites from across the country on a common platform. This has not only helped our customers monitoring them more effectively but has also helped us understand the performance of Solar PV and wind plants across a wide geographical spread.

How has the work of MachinePulse evolved over the years? What are the highlights?

MachinePulse has evolved from being a standard localised SCADA solutions provider to offering a complete range of solutions with both local SCADA solutions and a centralised site monitoring solution. 

Our range of products include data acquisition hardware (IceBox™, Node X1™, MACX™), middleware (Cortex Agent), propriety cloud platform (Erixis™) and analytics applications (SolarPulse™, WindPulse™).

What are your plans for the future?

We are developing extremely low cost data acquisition devices which will help microgirds operators to monitor and operate microgirds remotely and help them optimise O&M costs. Further we are also experimenting with new communication technologies so that we are able to bring down the costs of communication as well.

Finally, what role do you expect CLEAN to play in the work you are undertaking?

We are looking forward to working with CLEAN to connect us with its vast network of microgirds operators and also help us understand the overall industry. We would also be happy to work with CLEAN and its broader ecosystem to test and evaluate new technologies in the monitoring and analytics space.

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