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Guaranteeing Energy Access: A Key Role for Decentralized Renewables

Guaranteeing Energy Access: A Key Role for Decentralized Renewables

Appeal to all Political Parties to include the promotion of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions in your election manifesto for the General Election, due in 2019.

The General Election will be crucial for the DRE sector and India’s efforts to ensure that all its people have not only access to 24 x 7 reliable and quality power supply, but also the means to use that electricity to improve their lives. It will be an opportunity for political parties to examine the current status of energy access and take proactive initiatives to put systems in place for strengthening the DRE sector and making it transparent and accountable. We ask that you include the points raised here in your manifesto, as well as in your election campaign. We also request the opportunity to present the key recommendations of this note in a face-to-face meeting, and to answer any questions you might have.

The Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) sector includes a wide range of applications including micro- and mini-grids, solar home systems, standalone renewable energy appliances and applications such as solar irrigation pumping, solar dryers, solar chillers, cold storage equipment’s, bioenergy, biogas, improved cookstoves for clean cooking amongst others. The sector is represented by its Industry Association, Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN).

CLEAN requests all political parties to create enabling policy frameworks and adequate financial provisions for prioritizing the DRE sector within India’s energy planning. Specific points that political parties should consider in their manifestos:

1. Recognize DRE as an integral part of India’s energy planning

The DRE sector can ensure energy access by providing 24 x 7 electricity to all Indian households and small- and medium-sized enterprises, and importantly ensure reliable and quality energy supply through clean and sustainable energy sources.

We therefore request that DRE be recognized as a central solution in national and state energy planning.

2. Promote investment in DRE

In order to ensure a level playing field for the DRE sector vis-a-vis other solutions, predictable and affordable financing is a requisite.

We therefore request all political parties to clearly identify DRE as a priority sector and formulate policies to ensure support of the DRE industry by banking sector institutions in India, such as Development Financial Institutions, Commercial Banks, Non Banking Financial Companies, Micro Finance Institutions, Corporate Investors through Corporate Social Responsibility Funds and other lenders.

3. Create rural jobs

The DRE sector is already generating new jobs and creating opportunities for rural entrepreneurship, with still huge untapped potential. DRE applications also add value to the agricultural sector, creating new and additional markets for the farming community. Productive DRE applications reduce drudgery, increase productivity and income for rural consumers (CLEAN would be happy to share a list such DRE applications.) Solar Charkha is one such example which has created jobs and increased income. CLEAN estimates that at least 41,868 new jobs were created in 2017/18 in India in the DRE sector.

We therefore request recognition of such technologies as an important tool for rural income generation and that direct non-energy ministries recognize DRE in their policy guidelines and provide financial support for DRE applications, in line with current and future mandates. Further, we also request the inclusion of skill development in DRE with other skill development programs of the government.

4. Reduce carbon emissions

The DRE sector contributed to avoiding emissions of 2,84,685 tonnes of CO2 in 2017-18 alone. Scaling up DRE systems would result in far higher avoided CO2 emissions, while also benefiting the overall economy of the country. For instance, imports of diesel can be reduced through the promotion of DRE applications. To put this in perspective, around INR 40,000 crores (USD 6.1 billion) of oil imports can be saved through the replacement of existing conventional pumps with solar pumps in India.

We therefore request that the DRE sector’s contribution to emission reduction is factored into the Government of India’s National Determined Contribution (NDC) submission to the UNFCCC.

5. Clean cooking mission

High dependence on firewood for cooking and heating in India and the resultant biomass burning is responsible for around 2,67,700 deaths in India, or nearly 25% of the deaths attributable to PM2.5, making it the single most important anthropogenic source related to mortality in 2015.

We therefore request, in accordance with a proposal already put forward by NITI Aayog, that a National Clean Cooking Mission is formulated and launched at the earliest. The mission needs to be mandated to ensure 100% access to clean cooking technologies, factoring in all available solutions.

6. Resolve regulatory issues of mini-grids

Mini-grids not only ensure 100% reliable, quality energy access, but also solve “last mile connectivity” while addressing energy security in India. The framework conditions for deployment of mini-grids, laid down in the Amendment to National Tariff Policy in 2016, stipulate that an appropriate regulatory framework should be put in place to mandate compulsory purchase of surplus power generated by mini-grids into the national grid. A fillip was provided to the segment with the issuance of the Draft National Mini-grids Policy in June 2016. However, this policy has not been finalized nearly three years later.

We therefore request that current regulatory uncertainty related to mini-grids be addressed by introducing policies and regulations at the central level as soon as possible with technical standards and parameters.


Endorsed By:

Clean Energy Access Network

  1. Abhidna Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Adarsh Plant Protect
  3. Amperehour Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Amplus Energy Solutions
  5. Anant Solar Systems
  6. aQysta
  7. Arushi Green Energy India Pvt Ltd
  8. Anthropower
  9. Aurus Lending Solutions
  10. Barefoot Power
  11. Bask Research Foundation
  12. Billion Smiles Infi Tech Serve
  13. Bruhat Energy Solutions & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Centre For Development Orientation and Trainng (CDOT)
  15. Centre for Youth and Social Development
  16. Boond
  17. cKinetics
  18. CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)
  19. Claro Energy
  20. Consortium of Resource person
  21. Cygni Energy
  22. d.light
  23. DESI Power
  24. Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd
  25. Desi Technology Solutions
  26. Devidayal Solar Solutions
  27. 27 Dharma Life/ Gajam India Private Limited
  28. Doorastha Analytics
  29. E hands energy
  30. Ekak Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
  31. Envo Business Solutions
  32. Ecoforge Advisors Private Limited
  33. Ecosense Appliances P. L.
  34. Ecozen Solutions
  35. Elegant Power Care
  36. Emsys Electronics
  37. Energeia
  38. Energo Labs
  39. Enfros Technologies
  40. Envirofit
  41. Environ Energy
  42. Environmental Defense Fund
  43. First Energy
  44. Forum for the Future
  45. Free power technology
  46. Free Spirits Green Labs
  47. Freespanz Design Build
  48. Frontier Markets
  49. Gautam Solar
  50. Global SusTech International
  51. GOGLA
  52. Gram Oorja
  53. Gram Swaraj
  54. Gram-Utthan
  55. Grameen India Innovations
  56. Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development
  57. Grassroots Energy
  58. Green light planet
  59. Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd
  60. Greenway Grameen
  61. GSES India Sustainable Energy Pvt Ltd.
  63. Hand in Hand Inclusive Development and Services
  64. Harith Avani Technologies
  65. HHV Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd
  66. Human Organisation for Patronisation of Environment (HOPE)
  67. Husk Power Systems
  68. Hynetic Electronics Pvt. Ltd
  69. India Resources Trust
  70. Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change
  71. Institute for Sustainable Communities
  72. Integrated Research and Action for Development
  73. IT Power Consulting Pvt Ltd
  74. Janasadhana
  75. Jansamarth
  76. JJ PV Solar Pvt. Ltd.
  77. Lanasol Energy Solutions Private Limited
  78. LEDsafari pvt ltd
  79. Mega Zing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  80. Meghraj Capital Advisors Private Limited
  81. Mesha Energy Solutons
  82. Lytyfy
  83. Mahindra Susten Private Limited
  84. Mera Gao Power
  85. Microenergy Credits
  86. Millenium Synergy Pvt. Ltd.
  87. MLINDA
  88. Naturetech Infrastructure
  89. NBIRT
  90. NERD society
  91. Nishant Bioenergy
  92. Observer Research Foundation
  93. OMC
  94. Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions Co. Ltd.
  95. Onergy
  96. Oorja: Empowering Rural Communities
  97. Panasonic India
  98. Perpetual Power Services Pvt. Ltd
  99. pManifold Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  100. Ovel Education Pvt. ltd
  101. Phoenix Products
  102. Playsolar Systems
  103. Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  104. Pollinate Energy
  105. Practical Action Foundation
  106. Prakruti Renewable Power Pvt Ltd
  107. Prakti
  108. Prayas Energy group
  109. Puhor Solar Centre
  110. Pushan Renewable Energy
  111. Raghunath Pathagar
  112. RAL consumer products ltd
  113. Ravi Engineering and Chemical works
  114. REConnect Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd
  115. Reinenergy Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
  116. Renewable Energy Applications and Products
  117. Riya Solar
  118. Rural Spark
  119. Sadbhavana ventures
  120. Saudagar Agro Industries Pvt Ltd
  121. Samuchit Envirotech
  122. Selco India
  123. S.G Foundation
  124. Shramik Bharti
  125. Simpa Networks
  127. SK Engineers
  128. Solar Hitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  129. SKG Sangha
  130. Smokeless Cookstove Foundation
  131. Solar Urja through Localization for Sustainability (SoULS)
  132. Sologix Energy Private Limited
  133. Sri Anagha Green Energy
  134. Sun Zone Solar System India Pvt. Ltd.
  135. Sun-Mitra Solar
  136. Sunrise energy corporation
  137. Sun Saluter
  138. Supernova Technologies
  139. Susconnect Pvt. Ltd
  140. SustainPlus
  141. SURE
  142. Sustaintech
  143. Swayambhu Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd
  144. Swelect Energy Systems
  145. SwitchON
  146. Synergy Engineering & Environmental Solution
  147. Technology Informatics Design Endeavour
  148. The Batti Ghar Foundation
  149. Udyama
  150. UNesar Private Limited
  151. Urjaa Samadhan Pvt Ltd
  152. Velnet Non-Conventional Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd
  153. Vayam Renewable
  154. Vikram Solar
  155. Village Renewable Energy Systems (I) Pvt Ltd
  156. Villgro Innovations Foundation
  157. Vishwadeep PressPart
  158. Volksenergie
  159. Water Energy Food Transitions (WEFT) Research
  160. WiSH Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Appeal to all Political Parties to include the promotion of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions in your election manifesto for the General Election, due in 2019.
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